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What to Expect from Our Bathroom Pods

From digital modeling to rapid prototyping, Durapods are on the leading edge of innovation in the construction industry. But despite being a novel concept, bathroom pods are a surprisingly easy solution for commercial construction projects that helps deliver results faster, more safely, and for less money than traditional methods.

Not only do Durapods provide cost savings, but they also enable exponentially greater productivity on the jobsite. One hour of on-site work constructing a bathroom using traditional methods provides $125 worth of value. By enabling turnkey installation, prefabrication packs $14,000 of value into that same hour.

And because Durapods are powered by PDM, our expertise goes beyond just building a prefabricated bathroom — we know how to seamlessly integrate the bathroom pods into the entire scope of work.

Durapods Deliver Value

Jobsite Hours Removed to Date
Value of One Hour of Jobsite Work Enabled by Prefabrication
Reduction in Delivery Time

Durapods in Action

See how our bathroom pods help achieve cost, quality, and scheduling certainty for large-scale construction projects across a range of industries. You can find Durapods prefabricated bathrooms in some of the highest-profile projects in hospitality, healthcare, residential, and more.

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