Design on Demand

Rapid prototyping is an integral part of the design and production process for Durapods prefabricated bathrooms — we wouldn’t ask customers to buy a product they couldn’t touch and feel first.

At the start of each project, our team works with key stakeholders to design the facilities and select finishes, then we get to work building a complete working sample of the prefabricated bathroom.

Once the project team has inspected the prototype, they can make decisions and provide feedback before we develop a comprehensive coordination, fabrication, delivery, and installation schedule.

By creating a production-ready prototype before actual construction of the bathroom pods begins, we are better able to ensure quality, schedule, and costs.

  • Helps finalize finish selections and set quality expectations
  • Gives stakeholders real-time feedback to solve problems quickly
  • Enables understanding of best install practices
  • Provides a detailed guide for construction, allowing for better planning and scheduling

From architectural drawings through the manufacturing process, our prefabricated bathrooms are built to deliver enduring value.

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